I always took serious boyfriends on board to see how their character changed on a boat! My now husband came over to France with us in terrible weather – first he prayed not to die and then prayed to die he was so ill. We still got engaged/married – it must have been true love! Seriously, I will never forget how generous Richard was at sharing Thalassa with all of us.
Annie Hutton (neé Leppard)

    I was introduced to Thalassa, by name only, some 45 years ago, when my then fiancée, and later husband, Gerald, spoke with utmost nostalgia of the occasions he had sailed with Alan Baker, his daughters, and with Richard. Much later I had the marvellous opportunity of being welcomed aboard, and I feel truly grateful for this. Thank you Thalassa. Thank you Richard.
Elizabeth Hume-Wright

    From ESPRIT to THALASSA via the TART TRAP; what a very successful progression.
John Ingledew

    While I spent most of my time asleep on board – I have kept some treasured memories of sailing with you – particularly one evening going into Dartmouth and the following morning being accompanied out by Dolphins!
Piers Jennings

    Sailing back from Cherbourg peninsula one bank holiday with my newly-wed we started our watch near the French coast and Richard went below for forty winks. Some six hours later we were both still on watch staring into each others eyes and Richard was horrified to find out how long he had been asleep when I went below to ask which way we should turn past the Bembridge Ledge.
David Judson

    Pumphrey (on Thalassa) to Alan Liddle in dinghy, Lamlash Bay on loud hailer “Alan, Alan, Alan. We have Gin but no Tonic, Tonic, Tonic”.
Alan and Sue Liddle

    A really great Skipper, who always had the safety and welfare of his crew uppermost in his mind. Many, many hours of marvellous sailing and enjoyable company. A true Christian and a real Gentleman.
Peter and Heather Long

    Trying to take down a torn jib of the coast of France, en route to St. Malo, in a heavy squall, was one of the most exhilarating events of my life!” Simon.
“Are we nearly there? I need the loo!” Sharon
Simon and Sharon Lynch

Thalassa crew training