Robin Platts
A stalwart and much respected crew member

    How privileged I feel to have been able to sail on Thalassa from such a young age. When I think of my father at his happiest, I picture him onboard; teasing or being teased. Thank you for such a wonderful set of memories.
Conall Platts

    Richard is not very keen on using the spinnaker. He regards it as an un-nautical sail. After a pleasant night passage from Alderney we were approaching the Isle of Wight from the west on a Sunday morning. Richard was off watch and asleep below. Robin Platts suggested that as a good westerly was blowing we might put up the spinnaker – which we did. Richard emerged just as we were charging across the Squadron’s starting line, in the wrong direction, desperately trying to avoid the yachts which were congregating for a Sunday morning race! “Oh Robin” said Richard as he disappeared down below again, acutely embarrassed. Only Robin could have got away with it. Anyone else would have been keel-hauled!

    Very unusually we had experienced an indifferent meal ashore and had returned to Thalassa to restore our spirits with a nightcap. Robin Platts went forward and could be heard rummaging around in the galley. After some time he returned to the saloon with an alcohol fuelled blazing frying pan and offered us “La specialite´ du bateau, ce soir. Fig roll flambé!”
Anthony and Rosie Thorne

     On arriving at Butlers Hard, Skipper to crew member.
-    “Roger – This is very delicate … please lasso the pile as we approach and make fast ….
-    Crew member, thought we were talking rodeo style – so tried to make a lasso with the sheet and cast it over the top of the 20’ high pile …. We missed and overshot ….
-    All that was needed was to pass a rope behind and around the pile as we passed ….. Oh dear!
Roger Preece

Thalassa Frequently Asked Questions:
-    Red or white?
-    That doesn’t look like France: isn’t that Weymouth?
-    I can see the bottom; anyone for going about, about now?
-    Who has just bribed the skipper for the skipper’s wife’s bunk?
-    The mizzen which?
-    Why?
-    Didn’t anyone tie the anchor onto anything else?
-    Who, me? Bowline?
-    Com’on everybody, when did anyone last see it?
-    Right of way? Right of way? That’s by age of boat isn’t it?  We’re OK then
-    Aren’t we missing somebody?
-    Know what? I think he noticed
-    You are joking, aren’t you?
-    I don’t think that Frenchman likes us, do you?
Richard Pumphrey