Certain very special boats have the ability to inspire great affection. Thalassa, who is a hundred years old this year, is such a boat. Like many fine old ladies she can be somewhat formidable; it is not always easy to remember her complex ways and at times she needs careful handling. But she still retains her elegance and her beautiful lines, and is loyal and steadfast to all who sail in her.

    Thalassa has been an important part of the same family for seventy years. Firstly under Alan Baker, who established the Thalassa tradition of outwardly mutinous crews being tolerated with good humour. And subsequently under his son-in-law, Richard Sewell, a man of great kindness and infinite patience, who has carried on the tradition.

    This volume records some of Thalassa’s history and contains tributes, anecdotes and photographs contributed by some of the many people who have sailed in her. It portrays the wonderful times of magnificent sailing and happy friendship we have enjoyed on Thalassa. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate and very privileged to be counted as members of Thalassa’s crew.