Article sent to Yachting Monthly and Hardway Sailing Club, and published unaltered. It refers to an incident on 25th June 2003

    We were approaching the anchorage at St Evette, near Audierne in South Brittany, and were being followed by a dolphin - nothing unusual in that! The white mooring buoys there are too small for Thalassa and so we anchored and set a tripping line with a blue buoy attached. The dolphin thought that this was much more exciting than the white ones and started playing with it. There were lots of squeaks and then a slightly different noise when it seemed to get its tail entwined. As soon as free, it then repeated this performance.

    Shortly afterwards I took several of the crew ashore in our rubber dinghy and we were closely followed by the dolphin. When I returned to the boat, the dolphin decided to take me for a ride! It got under the dinghy - somehow avoiding damage to itself from the outboard - and whisked me along at several times the usual maximum speed and fortunately in the right direction. It did this several times, to the amusement of other boats who were watching. I must confess that I was a little relieved to finish up where I wanted without having a swim. On the next journey there were four of us in the dinghy and the dolphin found that it couldn't lift that weight and gave up!