Will Johnnie ever use it?
Perhaps his grandchildren will teach him!


 A committe announced that there would be a party to celebrate Thalassa's 100th Anniversary. They asked the skipper - 'When he wanted it', 'Where he wanted it' , 'A list of names to invite', and then to 'shut up, as it was not his party. It was held at the Royal Corinthina at Cowes, where Vivian's niece, Louise, was the secretary. The RYS kindly allowed Thalassa to be one of the first boats to use their new marina. To the skippers' amazement 156 people, who had sailed with him over the 40 years, actaully attended. He was presented with a fantastic scale model of the boat, and a bound 'log', to which many had contibuted. He had not been allowed to edit any of the entries!